About Us

Our Mission Statement

All of our Integrated Turf Care personnel and processes are focused on the realization of our mission statement: "To be the premier multi level service provider in the green industry, while providing exceptional customer service."

Customer Service

Integrated Turf Care has in place a fully staffed office to assist customers. We can be reached at all times and via the internet as well. Each and every phone call or e-mail is very important to us and we pride ourselves on timely responses to all issues and concerns. All invoicing, accounts receivables/payables and scheduling practices are conducted in house by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Our Experience

We are a fully licensed and insured landscaping and lawn maintenance service provider. For over 25 years, we have provided quality services to the tri-county area in all phases of lawn maintenance, landscaping, and soil analysis. We pride ourselves on providing these services in house, and have never used outside contractors to provide services to our customers.

Management Information Systems

Integrated Turf Care has developed a unique video billing system that enables customers to view large project work or repairs and the billing information associated with it. Our website is constantly being upgraded, and we will soon have the capability of enabling our customers to view schedules of maintenance items for their particular properties in a calendar format. It is our goal to anticipate the needs of our customers and to ensure that we communicate with them on a regular basis, so that any issues can be addressed long before they become problems.

Quality Materials and Equipment

We only use vendors who are as committed to quality as we are. We maintain a fleet of industry standard vehicles, and upgrade them on a regular basis. Our plant vendors provide us with first quality plant materials and trees, as do our fertilizer and pest control product vendors. We believe in using only high quality products that deliver consistent results for our customers.

Preventative Maintenance Program

ITC's preventative maintenance program is a rigorous schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of equipment breakdown and failure. We consistently perform maintenance checks of all vehicles and maintenance equipment and repair or replace routinely. Maintenance Log Books are kept for each piece of equipment and for each vehicle. Our personnel have dedicated equipment that is assigned to them, and are instructed to report all issues concerning that equipment immediately to their acting supervisor. This insures that we always have reliable equipment for whatever task is at hand.

Landscaping Services Coral Springs Maintenance

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Lawn care maintenance

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"On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the University, I am writing to thank you for the leadership and support which you gave to the design and planting of the perennials and trees on campus. President and Mrs. Donald Stanton join me in thanking you. With all best regards."

-Mary Kay Murphy

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